Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July picture story

 4th of July festivities:
Starting the day our church had an annual breakfast at a local park.
While Joseph was getting me a plate of food,
my friend arrived with her children and grandchildren.
I offered my arms for the one of the babies to rest in,
really for my benefit, but I remember being a young
mom and feeling that moment of relief when
someone else would hold the baby.  So I guess, it benefitted the parents too.

Wouldn't I be a great looking grandma!!

As a member of the bishopric, Joseph had cooking duty, complete with a christmas apron.

Our other tradition (here in CA) is to go to the cliffs in Palos Verdes 
and watch the fireworks over the bay.

The barge you see in the bay is where our fireworks are shot from.
The other boat is the tug that pulled it into place.

Down on the beaches, the crowd keeps growing.

We had a great view, complete with a cooler for my foot to rest on.
Hi Bekah!

This is our stake of ground being saved by our friends the Grassingers, their family,
Joseph and our plethora of chairs and blankets.
We were sweating when we got there, but well insulated by the end.

This is the rest of our "cliff" that was starting to fill.
By the time the show started, it was completely full.

Joseph and Larry discussing life (LIFE?)

Cutie pie!!

Aw, the show before the show.

Look Mom!  No Arms!

This is my #1 fan!  She is always telling me how much she loves me and how wonderful I am.
Everyone needs an Abby in their life!!

Me and my sweetie!!
Boy, that boot tread really makes ya want one huh?

Our vantage point allows us to see other firework shows all down the coast.

boy enjoying fireworks with bike wheel behind him 
Let the show begin!!

 Happy Birthday America!!

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