Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The magic 7

A rather interesting ever happened on Monday.
Of course we've been reminded about this special day
for several months now.
"Don't I look like I'm almost 7?"
"It's because I'm turning 7."
etc, etc. . . .
Our baby Abigail was born on 7-7-07 at about 7 am (2 min shy-couldn't wait)
This year it's magical because she turned 7 on 7-7-14.
What did she want to do for her magical day??
Bowling with her family.
Who else to make bowling magic but our ever exuberant Abby.
After letting go of her ball, she would run  back to us, not really watching whether
the ball hit it's mark or not.
It worked!  She won her first game against the girls!

Dancing became more important during the second game.
Oh, to be 7!!

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