Monday, September 29, 2014

25 years of this cuteness!!

25 years ago today, I became a mother.
Because I wanted a large family, God knew to send us Joseph first.

He blessed us with a very healthy (as you can see by the rolls), happy (didn't cry much), content (slept thru the night at 3 m), smart boy (reading 2nd grade books by K) who we knew would accomplish great things in his life.
To this day, people tell us what a wonderful person he is, but I've known
from the very beginning that he came to us that way.
We were just here to keep him alive and point him in the right direction.

Joseph has truly been a blessing to our family by always trying to do what was right.
Like us all, he made mistakes, but picked himself up and kept trying.
He's been a great big brother and a needed helper to me.
It's truly been a joy to watch him grow and mature.

He was born before the digital age so most of his pictures are in boxes (and boxes, and boxes).  But with our wonderful technology today, I was able to scan just a few of my favorites (believe me I have more).  I was going to keep it to 
25 for his 25 years but went over a little.  Indulge me...

Happy 25th Birthday sweet boy!!
Thank you for being you!!

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