Thursday, September 25, 2014

The latest from Jacob

I whined and complained enough that Jacob finally sent me some pictures.
I know that I will see him in a month, but it was so good to see him.
But the first picture is actually from a member of the church where he is now.
For his last transfer of his mission, he was sent back to an area that he worked before.
They welcomed him back with open arms. 
This sweet sister sent me this picture.  Apparently Jacob had her stand in a storm grate for the picture so he could tower over her.  Obviously, his sense of humor is still in tact.  :)

She got even.
It's probably one of the only times Jacob will ever feel what it's like to be average height.

Jacob was able to teach this sister earlier in his mission and was
able to be there for her baptism.

The sister missionaries made him a birthday cake.

The young man in the middle was the missionary that trained him when he went out.
He went back to Alabama to recruit for Southern Virginia University (an LDS school).

I bet I won't get any more pictures until he comes home,
but it sure was nice to see his smiling face!!

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