Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Turning 21 on his mission

Our silly, funny, lovable, shy Jacob is turning 21!!
He will be celebrating the best way possible, by bringing others to Christ,
while serving the good people of Alabama. 

The picture below is so telling of the jokester we all know him to be.
When he was younger, we wouldn't let him sit next to Rachel in the van because
he would always pick at her so he could get a reaction.  He still does but she seems to 
defend herself better than she used to.  

As much as it would get on my nerves that I would often hear someone yelling at him to leave
them alone (mostly the girls), my heart was often warmed by the way he
could make everyone laugh during a tense moment or he would stick up
for a sibling who seemed to be the underdog in an argument.

I'm so excited to see him next month when he comes home!!

My, how he's grown in so many ways!!

Happy Birthday Jacob, uh, Elder Whitaker!!

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