Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Matthew turned 15 today!!

The boys of September, #2...
We have three boys and all three of them were born in September.
Last week it was our missionary Jacob.
This week is our only boy left at home, Matthew and 
finally our oldest Joseph is at the end of the month.

Today at 6:36 pm this cute little toe-head came into our lives.
He was an instant hit with the other kids and continues to be the center of attention.
His disposition has always been sweet and generous.
I even used to call him my "Sweetie Peatie".

As he got older, we certainly noticed he has a lot of energy and have
wished we could bottle some of it up for the rest of us.
I love what a good sport he is and how considerate he is of others.
He's brilliant too!!

Happy 15th Matthew!!
I love you!!

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