Monday, October 27, 2014

Girl things: costumes and heels to church

The best part about Halloween by far is the costumes. Dressing up is so much fun!  Then I would say candy, trick-or-treating, and the parties.  We don't do "spooky" at our house.  I figure there are plenty characters to choose from without having to dip into the "evil" pool.  This year Frozen was all the rage so Abby had been talking about being Elsa for a couple of months.  She was even trying to make her own costume from my stash of fabric when I thought I would surprise her with a "real" dress from Amazon.  It was so worth it!!  We found out she was in good company when we got to the church party and there were 7 other Elsa's, all the same size.  They were quite the group.  Esther was creative and painted her shirt and made her cape with my fabric.  I love it when they do that!!

The latest good news for me is that I wore high heels to church for the first time since my surgery.  I was a little nervous that I wouldn't make it all the way through so I stashed some flats in my church bag.  You can see in the picture that my left foot is a little swollen but I made it all three hours without hurting too much.  The transition to flat feet again was a little painful but it didn't last long.  Phew!  I'm just glad that I'm not wearing tennis shoes with my dresses anymore.  Maxi skirts can only cover so much!!

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