Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween with the gang!

I love it when everyone is home!  It makes any holiday even more fun.  Because of Jacob coming home we also had the blessing of cousins being here for Halloween.

The older kids went with the Pokemon theme, Bekah was Pikachu, and the others were the Squirtle Squad.  We had Briar Rose, Alice in Wonderland, Elsa and Anna (of course).  Esther and her other cousin left to trick or treat with her friends from school so I don't have a pic of them, just one from earlier this week.  We also got to enjoy Abby's costume parade and school dance performance.  Trick or treaters at our house?....two groups, one being Esther's friends and cousin.  The others were a family that we're friends with on the next street.  When our kids went out, so many people thanked them for coming to their house.  We just don't get much traffic around here.

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