Sunday, February 1, 2015

Do you know where your family came from?

Okay, so this week seems to be app week for me! 
 I think I might have shared this app a long time ago, but then I changed computers and forgot where to find it.  Anyhow, this is a really cool app that shows visually where your family came from.  It's called Roots Mapper.  It is also connected to Family Search, so when you log in, it will direct you to Family Search login then it will download your tree. In the upper left corner, choose how many generations you want to see then push start.
Watch the magic happen!
The pink dots are girls and the blue dots are boys with their lines being their migration.
In my picture above I chose 10 generations.  You can click on a dot then it can navigate you back to Family Search where you can see all the details of that person.
Again, I can't get it to work for Joseph's line, but I'll figure it out.
update:  I changed browsers to Chrome and got it to work for Joseph (see below)
He's got someone from Russia!

Have fun today discovering your family!!

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  1. Thanks! I had to see this fro myself and it's awesome!