Thursday, February 12, 2015

A dance, science fair, and Disney World

Recent goings on with my girls:

There was a "sweetheart" dance for parents and their kids over the weekend.  It was exciting until we realized it was only for elementary age.  That knocked out 3 of the 4 at home, although I'm pretty sure Bekah at 18 and Matthew at 15 were willing to pass on the opportunity.  Esther, 12, always loves being involved in everything and wanted to go but when we told her she couldn't attend but she could work at it, her enthusiasm fell flat.  So Abby and Dad got the night to themselves.

Abby lives for this kind of "Cinderella" stuff and had been talking about it for days.  The funny thing is that Joseph noticed while they were dancing and the little girls were dancing around each other, Abby was in her own world dancing to the images in her head.  Then while they were taking a break, she turned to her dad and said, "we can go now".  Really?!  The evening had met her quota of dinner, dancing and pictures with Dad, now she was ready to move on.  Dad's kind of girl!!

Part of the middle school curriculum here is that the kids have to do a science project.  Esther worked in a group on testing which gum was best to chew for better grades (it's a real thing!).  
Want to know the results so your kids get an extra leg up?  Mint.  Mint is the big winner!

Our Rachel is doing wonderfully as an intern working for Disney World Florida.
She wants us to visit her so bad to share its magic but we are having difficulty finding a way to do it.  So she did the next best thing and sent us a care package with gifts for everyone.
She gave me this adorable T-shirt that if you look closely you can see Minnie dragging Mickey through the park.  Whether she consciously meant it or not, it totally is representative of me and Joseph, although we're still working on getting him to smile like Mickey when he goes.

So cute!!!
Love you Rachel!!

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