Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Graduation festivities

One of the great things about a celebration is family.
We are so fortunate to have a large family who came from far and
wide to give Joseph support for his graduation.
As you can well imagine, the activity level when we get together is quite high.
This time was no exception and we didn't even have everyone there!!
My crew

Give it a twirl!
Taking the plunge

Joseph's new apartment was quite impressive

We had a party at his new apartments' clubhouse for friends and family.

On our last day, we loved seeing my Grandma who's 97 years-old

That afternoon, we had a picnic, played in the water, laughed, ate ice cream 
from the ice cream truck, and played a rousing game of kickball.  
I think we may need linemen, scorekeeper and referees next time 
cause even though it was a family game, winning was a hot topic!!

Next celebrations: Bekah's high school graduation and Jacob's wedding,
 both next month!!

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