Sunday, May 3, 2015

Joseph graduated from UVU!!

Joseph graduated college!!
Utah Valley University
And it wasn't just graduating, but graduating Cum Laude from the Honors Program!!
We are so proud of his accomplishment!

It was so fun this past weekend celebrating his achievement.  The first night was the commencement with Mitt Romney as the keynote speaker.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Sister Elaine Dalton, the former General Young Women's President of the Church, seated on the stand.  Unfortunately she wasn't there to speak but to present an award since she is on the board of trustees.  The program was very uplifting and inspirational, giving us all direction on finding happiness. 
I should have taken notes!   
Joseph's best friend, roommate, and co-intern, Mike got to sit by him in the ceremony.  Although they all were presented to graduate, Joseph actually had one last paper to finish before midnight that night to make it official.  Thankfully, he did it.  Phew!!

We were so happy that a good portion of our families could be there.  It was a mad house the first night so not everyone got their picture taken.

The next day was diploma day for the individual colleges.

He got it!!

Afterwards, Joseph took us to his office where he interned for the president of UVU, President Holland (yes, he's the son of Elder Holland).  Although President Holland was very busy that day, he was gracious enough to let us come in to meet him and take pictures.   The office staff all sang Joseph's praises, then he showed us his intern office (closet, wink, wink).

Family pictures!!

Joseph, we love you with all our hearts!!  We knew you could do it and do it with flair!!  You have great and marvelous things awaiting you in your future if you continue to persevere, work hard, develop your talents, lift others, and follow truth.  God gave you great potential!
Love, Mom

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