Friday, July 3, 2015

From bonding to crashing the honeymoon

One of the beauties of a wedding is the gathering of family.  We love it when everyone can get together. Some people worry about me having too many people in my home but I really relish the loud noises coming from a raucous family crowd.  It means there's joy all around.  The chaotic mess even has a joy all its own.

The day after the wedding, Sunday, our house was still full of family.  When  we went to church, we took a full two rows in the middle of the chapel.  It was great!  Then, since they all come from land locked cities, of course they wanted to see the beach.  So, with instructions to the children that it was still the Sabbath, there  wouldn't be any swimming, we would go to the beach to enjoy family and God's creations.  Their interpretation was building sand castles and tempting the waves to get as close to their shorts without getting their clothes wet.  We all know how that turned out especially since they built the castle as close to the water line as possible.

Notice the big wall to keep the water out??  Then of course the last picture shows the result of the rising tide.  Success!!  Bonding time and getting wet without swimming!!

Monday, Jacob and Lisa were honeymooning not far from us so they invited everyone over to watch them open presents then go swimming at the resort pool.   Of course we took them up on the opportunity.
Can anyone say honeymoon crashers??!!

Lisa has this great mono-fin and goggles that she let all the kids play at being mermaids.  It's amazing to see how fast they went with it on.  Jacob even got in on the fun to be a great merman
Jacob and Lisa were such good sports and were so sweet to want to involve us.
Maybe they just wanted one more family "fix" before heading off to live in Hawaii.
It's probably good because I think they'll forget us once they get to paradise.
Who wouldn't??!!

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