Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Jacob and Lisa's wedding

What a glorious weekend!!

Usually a Whitaker wedding has a great "panic moment" story to tell but this time it was only a stalled car and a scramble to reshuffle people to fit.  No biggie!!  At least nothing was forgotten like a marriage license, or a tux and nobody got sick.

The sealing of Jacob and Lisa was beautiful with a room of only family and a few friends.  It was a very intimate, sacred start to a life time of memories and an eternity of love.  Everyone in the room was beaming, especially the happy couple.  After the ceremony, we all went outside to wait for them to come out together.  Saturday is a busy day at the temple for marriages.  If you stand around long enough you can see couple after couple coming out with big smiles.  We had to wait for the previous wedding party to move out of the way before Jacob and Lisa could come out.  They emerged from the temple to a noisy crowd of waiting family and friends (I had a friend inside that said she could hear us!).  It threatened to rain on us but only sprinkled and was a little windy. Once our family pictures were taken, we had to move out of the way for the next bride and groom to come out.  Our photographer took us to the side of the building to finish taking her shots. 

 The following pictures are either taken with my iPhone, Nikon, Joseph's (Joey) camera or my Dad's. Several are from others just picking up our cameras and taking pictures. I was happy to let them take the majority of the pics.  I just wanted to enjoy everything but often found myself wanting to capture the moment myself.  I just couldn't help myself!!  I can't wait to see what the professionals did!!

The most important job of the day.

by Joseph
by Joseph:  These two shots just go to show that Abby's age is blurred.  She was in the 20-something world and loving it!!
Lisa's sweet family
The many faces of Jacob.
When the music started,  the Whitakers kind of took over the dance floor and stayed even after everyone else went outside in the cool air.  After talking with their guests, Jacob and Lisa came inside then Jacob led the dance line. Before he and Lisa left, we surrounded them and sang Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" and The Sound of Music's "So Long, Farewell" at the top of our lungs.
Can't let them leave without making them work for it!!
The kids did a great job filling and wrapping their car.
They passed the test by being such good sports!
Jacob and Lisa are off to BYU Hawaii where the both of them will go to school for a semester.  Lisa will graduate in November then they will go to BYU Provo, UT.  But before all of that, they get to hang out in Hawaii while they wait for classes to begin.  Not too shabby, huh?

Aren't weddings wonderful?  We experienced family, friends, presents, food, music, joy, dancing, laughter, and smiles but most of all  we got to witness the beginning of something great, 
a family.  

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