Monday, August 31, 2015

A different kind of first day at school

Just like a lot of people today, I'm posting pictures of my kiddos first day of school.
Matthew 11th grade, Abby 3rd, and Esther 8th
Only 3 left at home!!! 
For the first time, we have more kids out of the house than in it!

Notice anything different?
Yep, Esther isn't donning a backpack ready to get in the car.
She's sitting at our kitchen table ready to do her schooling at home!

That's right, after 10 years of public school, we decided to venture back into the world of homeschooling.  I would love to have Matthew and Abby back home too but here in CA Matthew wouldn't be able to be on the Robotics team unless he was registered in the school district.  And Abby needs the attention at school for the time being.  I haven't ruled out bringing her home in the future.

I actually loved homeschooling all my kids before (9 years).  For multiple reasons, we put them all in public school and I spent several years trying to figure out what to do with myself while they were all gone.  Abby came along and solved that!

I must admit that I've been feeling a little nostalgic for the 'good ole days' but really excited for doing something new this time.  Esther is enrolled at a school in Utah called American Heritage School , with an LDS based curriculum.  I watched it from a distance when we home-schooled before and wished we lived close to it.  But now with technology, we have access via the internet.  She participates in class webinars and turns in her work online.  But best of all, she and I get to have discussions connecting  spiritual beliefs with academics.   I'm so excited for Esther to have this experience this year!!

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