Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pictures from Rachel's mission reveal

Earlier this summer, right after Jacob's wedding, Rachel decided to go on a mission (a surprise to us).  She was so excited that she didn't waste any time doing what was necessary to complete her papers to submit.  I think she finished everything in 2 weeks, doctor appointments and all.  At the same time, Bekah was filling hers out too.  They both ended up submitting them 2 days apart.  

Girl missionaries (sisters) have a starting age limit of 19 yrs-old.  Bekah will turn 19 in December but the church will only accept her papers 4 months before her birthday (August 20).  Rachel is 20 so there weren't any restrictions on her papers.  The weird thing is that the computer accepted Bekah's forms, so we thought maybe this was a special case.  So we waited for both of their calls to come back.  We waited, and waited, and waited for 6 weeks!  Normally it's just a 2-3 week process.  Rachel was ready to go asap so she was about to explode with impatience.  Finally, upon inquirey, we found out that indeed they were holding Bekah's papers until the 4 month mark and  they grouped Rachel's  together with hers, since they are sisters.  

Whatever the reason, we were just happy that things started to happen on the 20th.  A week later we had Rachel's call in hand.  That envelope didn't leave her sight all day!  Finally, in the evening, we had a few friends come over to share in the opening.  The following pictures are from that day.

Friends and family guessed where in the world Rachel and Bekah will go on their missions.

Technology was very important for including family out of state

MONGOLIA!!!  What??!!  Nobody guessed that!!!  

We are so proud of Rachel for choosing to bring others to Christ by giving so much of herself.  

Thank you Lindsey Crismon for the great photos!! 
You're a life saver!!
And thank you Sanae Gazdek for getting a pic of the reactions of Joseph and me.!

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