Thursday, September 17, 2015

Matthew's a sweet 16!!

September is a big month for birthdays in our house.
All three of our boys have birthdays.
This week, it's my "Sweetie Petey's" turn.
I don't know why Petey other than it rhymed with sweetie.
Sweetie was the real nick name because he was such a sweet baby.

But now he's "SWEET 16" today!!! 
He tries to hide his sweetness with his coolness, but he's not fooling me.
Matthew has a heart of gold.  Growing up, he was one of my most generous children, always thinking of others.  Although it's tough to be a sweet teenage boy, Matthew does 
nice things for others without trying to be caught or will make a joke about it.

I just want you to know Matthew that I still see my sweet boy.
I'm so grateful that you were sent to our family!
I hope you enjoy being 16 and everything that comes with it!!
Happy Birthday!!
I love you!!

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