Monday, October 26, 2015

Matthew's robot came in 3rd!

I was going through old posts when I came across drafts that never got posted.
For some reason, I thought I had posted about Matthew's robotics competition but it turns out
I had started but didn't finish.
I just can't let this great experience go unnoticed!

Last year, Matthew's robotics team went to competition and boy were they good.
Matthew was one of the driver's for the robot.
It's great for team building because the task at hand cannot be done by one person.

Matthew's team did a great job and almost won!
The competitions were so close.  

It won't be long and we'll be starting the robotics season again.
Hopefully this  year they can go all the way!!

Grandma P got to be there too!!

Their school makes an alliance with two other teams and their robots to make a team.

Go Panthers!!!

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