Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rachel's engaged!!!

I'm so excited to announce that my daughter Rachel is
entering a whole new phase in life by being engaged to this groovy guy!!

Andrew and Rachel have known each other since Winter semester last year (same ward) but
only started dating this semester.  They had the opportunity to serve together
by working for BYUI "I night" (a night of activities to help college kids get adjusted to their
new surroundings).  They found that they got along really well, so of course, they spent
a lot of time together.

We had the chance to meet Andrew when we traveled to Utah to help Bekah prepare
for her mission by going through the temple (I'll post about that another day).  Andrew was kind enough to drive our girls down from Idaho then spent time with his cousin while we did family things. Our first meeting was in the parking lot of the temple.  He was quite shy (understandably so).  But we got to know him better the next day when he joined our family as we listened to our church leaders speak at
General Conference.  He fit right in, jokes and all!

The picture above is of our "between meetings activity".  We went to a fabulous vintage 
thrift store where we had a blast trying things on.

Believe it or not I almost bought this hat!!

After getting to know Andrew, Joseph and I both agree that Rachel chose well.
He was very respectful to us and considerate of Rachel's needs.  He served the Lord on his mission in Peru and has a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel.  

Many of you have asked about Rachel's mission, "What about Mongolia?"
Weeelll, basically she 's not going.  But, of course she and Andrew can go on a mission
to Mongolia together when they are much much older (like 70-something). But for now,
no big fur hats or throat singing. 
We were so pleased that she wanted to serve the Lord on a mission in the first place.
We are also so pleased and thrilled that she wants to make sacred covenants to a wonderful guy for all eternity.  It will be the start of a different kind of mission, for raising
a family who loves the Lord is a mission indeed!!

Because short engagements are optimal ;) aaaannnd because Bekah IS leaving on her mission to Ohio in January, the wedding date is set for December 19 (yes, in 2015) in the LA Temple.  I've always told my kids if they wanted a short engagement, that we would be supportive and up for the challenge of planning.
Soooo, here we go!!

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