Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rachel graduates from BYUI!!

We are so blessed to be able to witness Rachel graduating from BYUI, Bachelor of Arts, Humanities major!! She's worked so hard on her studies and had a job and got married.  Some people can't do it all but Rachel was able to pull it off beautifully!


We are grateful for all those who have supported Rachel through this process and for those 
who were able to brave the snow storm to join in the celebration.  More about the fun later!!  
Congratulations Rachel!!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Thank Heavens for wonderful parents!

This year I had the unique opportunity to watch my parents work together through a crisis.  I was so impressed with the care they took for each other and the tenderness between them.  I loved being there to witness it even though it wasn't the best of circumstances.  I certainly am thankful for their loving care of me while I was young too.  They worked hard, set an honest example, taught me important lessons and were there for me every step of the way right up to this very moment.  Even today, they called to make sure I wasn't over doing it with the move and that I had enough help.
I'm sure grateful for having such wonderful parents!

So...THIS happens tomorrow!!

It's hard to believe that we've been in this house for 5 years, much less in California for that long.  But here we are and it looks like we're gonna stay for a couple more years, just not in this house.
Turns out that our landlord wants to sell it and has wanted to for a while.  
He's been nice enough to let us stay this long.
But now it's time and we are all excited as you can see by Abby's happy dance.
We've found a house, not far, that promises to be a great "memory" house.  It will "enhance" our California experience, and dare I say, for those who visit us too.   I'll share pictures soon but for now just know that I believe this house to be a gift from God to bless our stay here.

Pray for me that nothing else breaks in the house cause this is what happened just yesterday...
Totally rusted pipe broke and a lake formed before it got fixed.
I think the house was crying that we are leaving, haha.