Tuesday, August 23, 2011

moving time line

Well, I've had several people ask me what we are doing.  So I thought I would help answer those questions.

  • Packing today (Tues 23rd) & tomorrow
  • loading truck Thurs (maybe Fri)
  • Me and the kids fly to CA on Sat (27th)
  • Joseph stays behind to finish things at work and church
  • Staying at The Residence Inn, in CA, til truck arrives (that is if the house comes through.  We should find out today. If not, then we know of an apt that we'll stay in for a couple of months while we keep looking.  Fingers crossed.)
  • Attend new ward on Sunday
  • Start School on Tues (30th)
  • Move into house when truck arrives?? 
  • Joseph's 1st day at Kinecta  is on the 12th
So yes, that means we won't be there on Sunday, :(  When we went to church in CA, I was mostly concentrated on observing the ward but then when we were singing, I started thinking about my dear Tanglewood ward and I got a little choked up.  I'm sorry that I won't get to say goodbye to everyone but am glad to miss all the tears (that I'll be shedding).  So I guess it will be a little like the band-aid method-quick.
This is just the beginning!  You should see it now!  It looked much cuter here and here.

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