Sunday, October 23, 2011

BYU birthday

My birthday extended to this weekend because my wonderful husband gave me a trip to Provo, UT to see my kids and attend a BYU game.  So worth the one day trip!
Standing out in front of "La Casa"--where Joseph lives.  There is me, Joseph and our kids (Joey, Sarah, Jacob) plus Gary (cousin) and Robby (cousin).  Notice the cool retro shirt I have on?  My kids gave it to me for my birthday along with other BYU stuff.  What is special about the shirt is that my kids remembered me telling a story of a sweat shirt that I had bought when I was a student but left in a Gallup New Mexico hotel.  I never got to wear the shirt and have lamented its loss all these years.  This shirt has the exact logo from all those years ago.  So sweet!

Sarah made a beautiful cherry pie (my favorite) for my birthday too.  It was delicious!
Joseph standing in Jacob's apartment.  Notice the note on the cupboard?  It's wishful thinking.
What a handsome group!
At Joey's house, he likes to hang out with his roommates pouches.  They are kind of buddies.
Game time!!
front row seats near the end zone!

  Unfortunately, Dad was wearing orange which happened to be Idaho's color.
 We still walloped them 56-3!!
What a great day! 

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