Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's my birthday! . . . well . . . for 35 more minutes

I have had the privilege of being on this earth for 46 years!  Yes I said it.  I don't often think about the actual number, as my family will attest to.  I don't think about it so much that I often forget how old I am (maybe my age is showing?).   But what I will remember now is that I'm headed to 50.  That seems really strange.  I used to think that was ancient but have since changed my mind.
Today was nice.  I was lazy this morning, then did some shopping with my little partner, Abby.  
Everyone has called and even more have sent their wishes via Facebook.
When I came home today, I found a dozen white roses and a note from Rachel.  So sweet!
Joseph is taking me to Provo to see a BYU game and my college kids for my birthday on Saturday.
Nice!  I'm so excited to see them!
The Lord has certainly blessed me with a great family and wonderful friends.
I have a good life!

I've see this face recently in a number of my own children.  Spooky!

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  1. Happy Birthday Dear Noelle! You are a blessed lady who i honor!