Friday, November 11, 2011

turtles, food, photos and an anniversary dinner

Today, before it became too windy, we decided to take a kayak out to explore.  The water color was mesmerizing especially as it changed from clear, to turquoise, to cobalt.
While we were out, we saw 3 sea turtles and some amazing clouds. 

 Later, at the pool, we decided to go down the slides, but first had to take the "water elevator".  Water from the pool is pumped in and the seat we were on, floated to the top.  After we got out, they drained the water out and started all over again.  Pretty cool!

 To top the day off, we had a very nice dinner to celebrate our anniversary. We held hands and talked of what our future 25 years would have in store for us.  For sure there will be more ups and downs, troubles and joys, but together, with the Lord's help, we can make it through anything.

One of the great things about Joseph is his support for my interests.  He patiently waited a lot this week for me to take pictures.  I love him for that!
The following are some of my favorite from today.

That's Joseph waiting for me, again.

And of course, here are a couple of sunsets to make things complete.


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