Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Letting go on the 1st day of K

Today was a momentous day for our family.
The last of our 8 children, Abby, had her first day of public school.

The honor almost went to Esther but Abby was born the month before school started. 
While I was pregnant with her, my friends kept pointing out to me that I was almost "in the clear".  With Esther in school, I could have had more time during the day to do the things that I wanted to do without a "tag-along".  Now, most of them, I knew were just teasing me and they themselves enjoyed being around their kids.  It just is something that people say ,especially to women with 8 kids!).
The funny thing is that I used to home school and actually chose to be with my kids all the time.
We did it for about 9 yrs.  The combination of me losing steam and there being good schools close by,  eventually closed the doors on our school.  But I've always missed the great times we had together.

So now to my point. . .  I took Abby to class today not knowing how it would all turn out.  I was pretty sure that she would fit right in, but I wasn't sure how I would react.
There were a few kids crying and parents as well.
Just as I thought, Abby kissed me then walked right in with the other kids and didn't look back (I did that to my mom too)
Surprisingly, I didn't cry.

I think preschool last year helped, because I do remember getting teary eyed a couple of times then.
But what helps mostly is the knowledge that this is a good thing.  

I've had to let go of my children so many times for so many reasons, that I'm getting better at it, I guess.  As much as I want to control the outcomes in their lives, I know that those outcomes are so much more meaningful if they discover good things come to those that choose good.

Abby will do great because she has the ability within her, she is loved, and will receive every bit of help we can give her.

That being said, I believe that of all my children.  They are fantastic people and I'm honored to be their mother.  I know  they will all do well in their work this year because they have it in them and they have Joseph and I supporting them.
. . . . . . . . .
Um . . . do anyone of you kids want to come back home and school with me?

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