Friday, October 19, 2012

"Good times" on my birthday

Yesterday, I began my birthday with a long prayer of gratitude.
I'm so grateful to be on the earth with so many blessings.
I have good health, shelter, food, clothes, necessities of life, a supportive husband whom I love,
terrific kids that teach me so much, and a Heavenly Father that loves me and wants me to be happy.
It's a great way to start the day!
 Then I went to the elementary school to volunteer for the day.  
I started in Abby's room.  When the teacher was giving me instructions, Abby tapped her on the leg and said, "guess what?"  "It's my mom's birthday". 
 She was so excited to share it with her teacher and class.  The kids were thrilled.  
One little girls kept coming up behind me and yelling happy birthday to surprise me.  

Then, when I was working in the library, Abby's class came in for their time.  Before I sat to read them a book, they sang two happy birthday songs to me.  It made my day!!
Which is good because the next part of the day was questionable.
I left the library to have lunch with Abby.  Because it's CA, everything is outside.  
We were sitting on this bench pictured above, when several of her friends gathered around our feet to join in.  I'm known as "Abby's Mom" and they seem excited to have me there.  They were telling me things and having me help them open their lunchables.
Just after we took this picture, the principle came over and told me that I couldn't eat with Abby.
"What? Seriously?"  I said.  
"Yes, this is the kids time to socialize with their friends." 
 "Really?  I'm not from here and I've always been able to eat with my kids!"
"I'm sorry, but just ask around.  It's district wide."
"I guess that's California for ya."

Needless to say, I was composing complaint letters and speeches in my head the rest of the day.

Then . . .
I went to the 5th grade hall to help there.  I was given lots of copies to make,
most of them on this "dupleau" machine.  It's a modern printing press that makes copies cheaper than copy machines.  Well, I was doing great until the Principle walks past again and sees the piles of papers on the counter and questions the amount I was doing.
Shortly after, the teacher checked on me and we realized that for
one of the set of papers (about 20), I was only supposed to make one copy not 100!
The good news is that she needed 100 but was going to so it at the copy center instead.
So, since it was my mistake, I took the copies home to put the books together there.
I guess I owe the school some reams of paper too!  Oops!
Note to self (and teacher) I need instructions written out!

Back to the good . . .
I came home to find my in-laws and sister-in-law Tammy and niece Shelby.  
They came this weekend to hear Jacob's last talk before he goes on his mission.
It just so happens that both Rachel and I will be talking as well (really, it's not a farewell).

Then when Rachel came home, she brought me those beautiful sunflowers and a bag of my favorite chocolates, Lindor Truffles.  So sweet!!
Bekah made dinner and  tonight we are doing the real celebrating!  
No cooking for me again, yea!
(by the way, I'm 36 and holding)


  1. Happy Birthday, late. I had a similar experience at my girls school. I was helping in McKenna's class and they were going out to eat there snack and play so I followed along and was helping kids with their snacks when the aid came up to me and said that I wasn't allowed to be out there. What?! I couldn't figure it out. I went in later to the office and asked what this was about and they said that a parent had disciplined someone elses child on the playground and so they decided it would just be easier to say no parents allowed. So I haven't had a chance to go talk to the principal but I can't figure out why it's ok for me to be in the classroom helping kids with their education and "disciplining" them to turn around, listen to the teacher, keep their chair on the ground, ect. but I can't stand outside. Not to mention, I hope that if my child is doing something wrong and ANY adult saw them, I would want them to address their behavior. What did you end up doing?