Saturday, November 10, 2012

choosing college--BYUI 1st day

Switching gears . . . we are now in Idaho with our college kids.
Since Rachel is a senior this year, we thought it would be good for her to tour a couple colleges
to help her decide where and what she's going to do.

We have a family rule though, if our kids want us to pay:  freshman year = BYU (Idaho or Provo, Hawaii isn't an option for the first year).  After the first year, she is welcome to go anywhere she likes.  Actually, they are welcome to go anywhere they want their freshman year too, they just have to pay for it themselves (can you tell we are BYU fans?)
So far, it's worked great.  
Joseph is the only one that has bucked the system and chose UVU (Utah Valley University-actually bigger than BYU) but he is still in Provo, which is a great place to be.
It was snowing in SLC

 I've got a new computer so I haven't figured out how to get my collages to be the right size yet, 
so the pics are a little small.  I'll figure it out next time.

After a student took us on a golf cart tour, Sarah took us on a personal tour.
Sarah is majoring in Ecology and Rachel is leaning towards the sciences, so we toured the science building.

Rachel loves being in Drama so we found a student that took us on a behind the scenes tour of the theatre arts.
We even got to go high above the stage.

Then we took Sarah's roommates, Joseph and his friend Jared, and our niece Amber out to dinner.
Sarah's roommate Kim is an awesome volleyball player that helped her intramural team win a close game.

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