Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

There are so many ways that we can remember our Savior this season. 
Pinterest seems to be overflowing with them!!
Every year, I have great intentions to do a devotional a day, or 12 days of Christmas, or make a Savior advent calendar, or share spiritual messages through video.
Do I do them?  Occasionally...
We did start the scripture devotional this year, but it faded away with our crazy schedules.
I'm always a week late to even think about the 12 days so it's more like the 7 days of Christmas, which is just insufficient.  So I don't do it.

The one thing that we've been able to hold on to is the family nativity on Christmas Eve.
We started when our oldest Joseph was 3.  He was obviously Joseph, Sarah was Mary, and Jacob was baby Jesus.  Our numbers have grown over the years and the reverence has
given way to teenage silliness.
Nonetheless, I love this tradition.

Dad reads from a beautiful book that my mother gave us years ago.
It's the story from the Book of Luke and has carols that we sing in-between scenes.
As he finishes the last couple of verses, the room gets quiet and everyone can feel
the Spirit as Dad finishes with a lump in his throat.
It's a beautiful way to finish.

On their way to pay their taxes.

Knock, knock, is there room at the inn?

We had an added cast member this year.  She's the kids' friend from NC who, as a stewardess,
happened to be on a layover.  Who wants to be in a hotel on Christmas Eve?!
So she came over and agreed to be one of the innkeepers.

This is what it looks like when the family is singing a carol.  Abby's displaying what it used to look like when they were all young--quite the contrast.

Our wise "men".

We topped it off with our traditional P.J.'s given to us by Grandma & Grandpa W.
I think this is our first family picture with Roxie in it.
Holding her was the only way to keep her still--crazy dog!!

I'm so very grateful for my Savior.  He was not only willing to live his life completely for me and you, he died for us as well.  Because of Him, there is hope.  There is peace available to our souls, and love that conquers all darkness.
Everything good is because of Him.
How wonderful!!

May you see His hand in your life, and be filled with His love this year.
Merry Christmas!


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