Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ward Christmas party done! Work party done!

Yea!  The party week is over and I lived to tell about it!  No it wasn't that bad, only a few moments here and there.  The party that I had to make the most preparation for was the church Christmas party.  About a month ago, we found out that no one at church was planning the party, so I thought the ladies and I in the Young Women's (Youth) program could tackle it.  I was worried they might throw their shoes at me for volunteering them, but they didn't.  They kept their shoes on and jumped right into the work. It was a little stressful since we didn't have a lot of time to do our ideas justice but it worked out pretty good.   I can only say that from what I hear, because Joseph and I had our annual work party to attend that same night.  So even though I volunteered us, I didn't even get to go (still no shoe throwing).

One of the ladies' husband is head chef at California Pizza Kitchen with a wonderful tools at his disposal.  He allowed us to store and prepare some of the food there.  They were so nice to us!!

We were busy bees setting up the gym only 3 hours before the party.  We couldn't use the building until the big missionary conference was over.  Thankfully they left their tables set up for us.  It was a well used building that day because there was also a baptism!

I didn't get to take a picture of everything since I was supposed to be home getting ready for the work party.  I was literally running out the door when I took the shots below.  But what I did get to see looked great!!  We even had a mini nativity exhibit in the overflow and a musical program and live nativity on the stage, a table for writing letters to missionaries, and a craft table for the kids.  We really tried to make Christ the center of the celebration.  But of course, Santa came at the very end.

Then there was the work party.
 We usually get a picture of the two of us when we get all dressed up, but not this year.  I wasn't feeling overly pretty since my foot wouldn't let me wear high heals (frumpiness) and was still a little preoccupied with the church party so I totally forgot.  After the party though, we stayed the night in the hotel it was at (The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills--woo woo) and I got this "eternity" pic of us in the elevator as we were leaving.  Needless to say, I need to remember to take more festive party shots next year.

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