Monday, December 1, 2014


This year, we had a good old fashioned Thanksgiving at home with all the kids.
For starters,  the boys played in the church "Turkey Bowl".   Ya know, any kind of "church ball" can get pretty physical, but thankfully, there were only reports of bumps and bruises.  Joseph
got a pretty nice bruise on his toe from being stepped on by a big guy in cleats.  Ouch!
Dinner turned out pretty good except for the fact that I had the temperature too low, so the turkey wasn't ready when I had planned (cooking is not my forte).  I was so tired from cooking everything else that Joseph came to my rescue and microwaved what he could so we could eat.
I think I may just order it precooked and delivered to the house next year (is that cheating?)

For those who are wondering, I did have some turkey.  I also used coconut oil in and on everything instead of butter (my cholesterol still needs help).  The turkey tasted great, the pies were good except for the pumpkin.  I'll have to work on another healthy version.  In the end, it all turned out better than I thought it would but down deep, I still would rather have butter.  Maybe, I'll do a mixture next year.
The good news is that I didn't gain anything this week.  Yea!

For a couple of days, Dad put the kids through his leg and arm work-outs.
There sure was a lot of groaning around the house.
Annual cracker house creations = fun, new ideas, and a really big mess and for the first time, a lot of ants by the next morning.  We're dowsing the houses with ant spray so there won't be the usual "candy picking" this year.
I'm so grateful for my family!!

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