Monday, December 8, 2014

Rebekah is 18?!!

Our Bekah-Boo is 18 today!!
It seems fitting that I'm writing this late at night, because this is about the time that Bekah came into the world. We were decorating the Christmas tree when I got contractions about every 10 ornaments.
She was ready to spread her cheer because it didn't taker her long to come.  Then she started by smiling at me in the delivery room and has been smiling ever since.

Her friends planned a surprise party for her at our house.
She definitely was surprised!

And of course, we always have a family party too.

Bekah, I'm so thankful that you came to our family.
You've been such an example of kindness, generosity, trust and faith.
I know that I can depend on you.
It's also been nice to get more time with you this year,
to hear about your day and your dreams.
It's comforting to watch as you learn to embrace and live the gospel for yourself.
Hold tightly to the iron rod and let the Spirit guide you,
 then you will continue to find happiness in this life and always!
Happy birthday sweet Bekah!!
I love you!!

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