Thursday, December 11, 2014

Winter Teacher Luncheon

Two parties down, two more to go!!  The first party of the week was a fun PTA party just for those who are on the board.  We met at my friend's house, who is the president, ate and had a scarf exchange.  So fun!  I ended up with a cute polka dot and striped chambray scarf that I had to steal from another lady after someone stole the purple scarf I had.  It worked out great cause that's the one I wanted!!

The next day, another friend and I were in charge of hosting a teacher luncheon.  We always have a theme, so this time we did a "cozy" theme with comfort foods and a touch of "cabin-ness".  We just brought whatever we had from home and it all seemed to work great.  I even made pinecones to eat from a recipe I found on Pinterest.  It fit our theme so well, I just had to try.  It really was a joy to see them enjoy the decorations and food.

The tablecloths were to cover the large bulletin and white boards they have on the wall.

You can see my pinecones on the plate waaay in the back.

They already had the tree up and had this fake fireplace in storage.
It worked perfectly with our theme.

Not a very good picture, but they were really a big hit.  I didn't have the right preztels to make mine tall to my pinecones look a little squatty.  If you want to see what they are really supposed to look like or want the recipe, you can go to this link:

Now I have to finish the preparations for the ward Christmas party and get ready for Joseph's work party.  Thankfully, I'm working with some great ladies on the ward party and all I have to do for Joseph's party is to figure out what to wear to look presentable.  I'll sure be glad when this week is over.  I love parties, but just not all at the same time!!

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