Friday, February 13, 2015

The Word of Wisdom has gotten me half way

I've been kind of silent on my health the last couple of months.  I knew Thanksgiving and Christmas would be a wash.  True to form, they were.  But for Christmas Joseph and I were given fitness gadgets from Withings to help monitor steps, sleep, pulse, and weight.  I said before that tracking my health drives me crazy and it still does.  I refuse to track calories, glycemic index, fat, etc.  Been there, done that! Ugh!!  But I have found it is rewarding to see my weight loss in a graph.  I love that it does it all for me.  I just step on the scale once a week and it records it for me.

Anyway,  that's not why I'm posting this. 
 I'm posting to say that I'm halfway to my goal!!! 
 I've lost 15 lbs following the Word of Wisdom!! 

First big spike is Thanksgiving and the second is Christmas and our trip to Hawaii (I just couldn't pass the great food opportunities!)
 The other spikes were from being curious in the middle of a week.  I've got to stop doing that cause by the end of the week its all good and I'm left with a bumpy graph, haha.

I'm still working on my other goal of lowering my cholesterol but tracking that is a little more tricky.  I've ordered a home test kit that I plan on taking next week.  I don't know how accurate it will be but it's worth a try.  The doctor will test me again in June.

If you're wondering what following the Word of Wisdom means to me, this is what I'm doing:

  • meat sparingly-about 4-6 oz once or twice a week (It was more than that over the holidays but I still kept it lower than in the past)
  • no dairy except for a sprinkle here and there (I think the cons outweigh the pros)
  • lots of fruits and veggies
  • whole grain at every meal (mostly processed by me not by food companies, except for Ezekiel Bread or pasta)
  • water, water, water
  • eat when I'm hungry, even at 9pm
  • brisk 3 mile walk with the dog, or yoga
Confession:  I do eat some sugar almost every day.  I try to keep it small by taking a bite of someones cake or a drink of their shake instead of ordering for myself.  When it becomes difficult is when the sugar is brought home and there is a bowl or plate of goodies sitting on the table.  I still eat it but not as much as I used to (still my weakness).  My weight loss probably would go faster if I was better at this part, but the amazing thing is that I still lose weight every week.  The better I am at not eating junk food, the more I lose that week. 

On my page tab at the top of the blog, I've added my resources for the health decisions I'm making.  I try to weigh everything on the scale of the Word of Wisdom.  If it supports it, I'm in.

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  1. I love seeing Mormons really taking the counsel in D&C 89 seriously! That is great. There are lots of stories of Mormons embracing the Word of Wisdom here: