Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our first engagement!!

Last year while we were skyping Jacob on his mission, we were telling him that his cousin, who just got off his mission, was getting married.  It officially put us the last family on either side, to have a wedding.  He reassured me that when he came home, he would be the first in our family.  We all laughed.

Well, it must have been a premonition cause he was true to his word.  Three and a half months home and he's engaged!!  We couldn't be happier!!   The highlights are that it all started when he got home and attended his first singles' ward (church) activity.  He met a very cute girl named Lisa.  They hit it off and ended up talking for two hours that very night.  Jacob started a job that had him working 12 hour days but he made an effort to see her at "Temple night" (good choice!).  When the job ended, time allowed their relationship bloom even more.

Jacob says he was shocked at the rate they clicked (not quite 2 months) so when he went back to BYU in January, he decided to make sure it was right by dating other girls.  That lasted a week! When it's right, it's right!!  Right?!  So we encouraged him to go for it and the rest is history.  Dad, me and the older kids spent the last couple of weeks helping him plan everything out. Sarah even became the ring model, which she relished so much she tried on a few for future reference.

Since Lisa is a competitive surfer and loves the ocean, Sarah suggested the aquarium where she works for the proposal backdrop.  Sarah pulled strings to be there after closing and it would all happen in the shark underwater tunnel.  I panicked a little when I realized that's all they had planned. How could they be alone?  Where would he put the ring box where she wouldn't catch on? Pictures?  Surely they'll take pictures and video!

True to Whitaker form, they flew by the seat of their pants.  It's hilarious to hear them all tell the story of how Sarah's heart leapt when Jacob secretly passed the ring off to her and that she was sure her nervousness would give it all away.  Then when it came time, she was so nervous, she was oblivious to his hand in the "give me" position behind his back till Joseph pointed it out.  And then Joseph didn't catch Sarah's clue to leave them alone because they hadn't planned an excuse to leave.  Lisa thought Jacob was acting weird and wondered why his hands were so cold.  Finally, Joseph and Sarah hid around the corner and awkwardly waited to film the right moment.

I made the mistake of asking to see the video while we were shopping in Walmart.  I began to cry when I saw him get down on one knee.  Lisa then realizes what is happening and she squeals with joy and wraps her arms around his neck.  It was so sweet, I was a mess.  It chokes me up just writing about it.

Outside the aquarium.
Dad and I wanted to celebrate with them so we booked a flight for the weekend.  The festivities began when we took everyone to Walmart to buy groceries as our Valentine to them.

Jacob the joker, riding his brother's cart while pushing his own.
 That night we took everyone to a sweet Italian restaurant, Gloria's Little Italy, in downtown Provo.  The food was delicious and they even had an accordion player who came to our table and played whatever Disney song we asked him to play.

For those who are wondering (cause it seems everyone is asking), there's not a date set for the wedding but generally it will be this summer, sometime.  We'll let ya know....

Just a little silliness where ever he goes.
Lisa, Jacob did great by choosing you!  We are so happy for the both of you and can see that you go so well together.  I look forward to you being a part of our family.  This is going to be a great year!!

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