Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spring Break in Arizona

Joseph and I were talking about places to take the kids in the mountains (yes, away from the ocean) for spring break this year when the Grand Canyon came up.  Been there done that.  But we realized we went a long time ago with our older kids when they were very young (ha, they barely remember).  Our younger kids had never seen it and are now old enough to remember, soooo....  done deal.  Instead of just hanging around the house this year, we decided Grand Canyon it is with the added benefit of visiting with family.

Our group wasn't in full force on this trip, but we were able to spend it with Joseph's mom and dad. 
 It was great to have them along!

I think family vacations are times to try new things.  I also love it when we are all together, so I found a rustic cabin complete with a couple large elk on the wall that we could rent.  It was way cheaper than having 3 hotel rooms and filled with way more charm.  We oohed and awed over all the cute details.  Although we only stayed there a couple of nights, it totally added some fun to the trip.

Before we went to the Grand Canyon we got to spend time with "the clan".  It was extra special cause Jacob and his fiancee, Lisa, came to Arizona so they could meet everyone (they are in the middle on the right).  The food in this mexican restaurant was to die for!!

A walk around the temple, putt putt, laser tag and a sweet 16 birthday for Shelby....
good times!!

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