Thursday, September 29, 2016

Happy Birthday to the one who started it all!!


Another year, another birthday for my firstborn.  
He's the one that started it all, so I get a little nostalgic and want to look at his baby pictures again.  As I was going through old photos, a lot of memories came flooding back.  I found several of my favorites, which show Joseph with a cute smile, being contemplative, or proud of an accomplishment.  I zeroed in on my all time favorite of when he was three and first starting Joy School.  It has represented to me, all these years, the very core of what I see in him, gentleness, eagerness, loving, believing, hopeful, and kind.  To me, it's almost like looking at his soul.  I've posted it before but decided not to this time because he's now grown into a man and 
I don't need his baby picture to see those qualities. 
 I see it every day when I look into his eyes.  It's always been there.  

Now, this doesn't mean that I won't embarrass Joseph in the future with his cherub face babie-ness, 
I just won't do it today.

Happy Birthday Joseph!!

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