Monday, October 10, 2016

Columbus Day

Coming to the end of Columbus Day, I just want to quickly say how grateful I am for Columbus.  I had learned all the basic stuff in school, like everyone else did, and got excited in high school when I learned about the Book of Mormon prophecy concerning him (1 Nephi 13:12) in early morning seminary.  I got an A+ in American History that same semester because I was so fascinated with the connection between scripture and history.   But it wasn't until adulthood, when I was homeschooling, that I learned more about his divine mission.

I learned that he was prepared to be a great mariner and to have a burning desire to share the gospel with other nations.  His name literally means Christ-bearer, which name he took as prophetic.

Although he didn't really discover America, he did unlock the ocean passage making it possible for people to travel back and forth between the continents.  This led to eventual opportunity for others, the pilgrims, to seek refuge so they could practice their religion freely and finally for the establishment of a free nation.  This is especially important to me as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because without freedom of religion, my church would not have not been able to be established and progress as it has.

I'm grateful for his courage in the face of ridicule, tenacity even when things looked bleak, hope of great things to be and see, and most of all his love of God and faith that He would provide.  I'm also grateful that he was not perfect and made mistakes for there's so much to learn from them.

I look forward to someday getting the whole story.  For now, I've read a great book called Christopher Columbus, A Man Among the Gentiles which outlines his life with stories of miracles and it uses quotes from his own journal showing his faith, as well as others, along with historical facts, to show Columbus's understanding of "his prophetic mission and place in history."

It is very fitting that we set aside a day to celebrate a man who has made such an impact on our country.  The funny thing is that my kids still had school and it was my husband who got the day off!  Go figure!!

Last month, I traveled to Washington DC with my husband on his business trip.  He has gone there yearly for a very long time.  It's only been the last few years that I've been able to go with him.  In total I think I've gone 3 times. It's growing on me!  I had to stop this time and take a pic of Columbus outside Union Station (a fitting place to welcome travelers).

Taking a selfie is serious business. ;)

The Indian, facing West, represents the New World.  On the opposite side is an old man, facing East, representing Europe or the Old World.  On the bow of the "ship" is an angel representing Discovery.
Columbus Day has only 20 minutes left so I'll say, "Happy End of Columbus Day"
Good night!

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