Thursday, October 13, 2016

Experiencing the Spirit

For those that know Abby, you know that she has a great positive imaginative outlook on life.  She is a believer and dreamer, always seeing the good in people and situations and
takes to heart what you say to her.  

Recently, at church, the children had a musical program for our sacrament meeting. One of the songs is called Gethsemane.  She looooves this song, often singing it around the house or in the car, with as much passion as she can muster.  Well, on the day before the program, she came home from the Saturday practice highly excited, very talkative, and a little emotional.  I sat down to hear her story.

Abby was sitting between two very rambunctious boys who were bothering her.  She was getting pretty frustrated with trying to make them stop.  Then, when they began to sing Gethsemane she said she could feel the warmth and peace of the Holy Ghost come over her.  The boys even settled down. She recognized the power the Spirit has to bring peace to one's heart and mind.  The inspired music, her favorite song, opened the door for the Spirit to be there.  Her little heart was so full that she was sobbing as she told me the story.

I'm sure grateful for this deeply sensitive little girl in my life.  Sometimes I'm just about the business of getting things done (a trait gained while juggling 8 kids, among other things), and Abby can remind me in a split second that there's more to life.  Her eagerness to believe is a gift because it brings joy, not only to her life, but to the people around her. She's infectious!!

Below, I've included a very moving rendition of Gethsemane, sung by a 3-yr-old, Claire Ryann.

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